Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pokemon Chaos Black

This game has been sold on eBay numerous times and is a popular fake game, so I decided to give it a try and write a review.

From little playtime and some knowledge of game mechanics, I had Pokemon Chaos Black Version figured out. The game is a basic hack of a Pokemon game found on eBay. This game at first seems like it will be an interesting new game, since the start up logo and the start screen both are really cool.

As you start the game, a little 3-page story appears about these 4 PokeGods and you having to be a trainer like your sister. You choose names and stuff (identical to FireRed and LeafGreen) and then end up in your room. You then find out that the town is the exact same as FireRed and LeafGreen as well as all other towns/cities in the game.

So you do the normal sequence of trying to leave town and Oak comes up and take you to the lab. There you can get three starters, all new with cool sprites. After completing the rival battle, I noticed a few things. The first was that the movesets were altered as well as the Pokemon, a plus for the game. A downside was that by opening up the start menu and selecting Pokemon, you could tell that every Pokemon was based off of another since those sprites hadn't changed.

As I advanced I found Route 1 to be a maze with some interesting paths. Diglett Tunnel had totally been moved around as well as other things in the route, making it difficult to navigate. All people and houses remained the same though even their text and location, another downside. The Pokemon on the route were all interesting.

Viridian City was the same, so I went over to Route 22, which hadn't been modified at all, to see what was up over there. I found some new Pokemon, a Spearow and a Mankey, some clues that this project had not been completed and sold on eBay early. Next I went over to the PokeMart, got the parcel, went to Oak, got the PokeDex, and went back through Route 1 into Viridian. That's when the old guy taught me how to catch Pokemon. He used the regular Weedle as an example. So then I went into the Viridian Forest, but every trainer I faced had Pokemon that were the same from FR/LG. And on the PokeDex, they weren't added as those Pokemon. The Forest had changed a lot too. So, I continued into Pewter...

Brock was the same as well as the town. I beat Brock easily and continued into Route 3. As I searched for Pokemon in the grass, I found something out that was a humungous downside; capture rate remained the same for Pokemon. Capture rate is used so that Pokemon later in the game are harder to catch them, but since the Pokemon sprites were mixed around, it wasn't the same Pokemon in each route; it was different ones from later in the game. It was extremely hard to catch this Pokemon, and I couldn't with Pokeballs, even with it in the red zone. After that, the game started glitching up and it became harder to progress.

Graphics: 5/10

The graphics were actually downgraded from FR/LG.

Sound/Music: 6/10

I love the music in FR/LG; however, it was a complete bad rip of the music that was glitched up.

Uniqueness: 3/10

The sprites were unique and so were the routes, everything else was the same as FR/LG.

Game Play: 4/10

For a game like this, it should be better; gameplay glitched up and made some parts unplayable.

Total Score: 18/40

Don't bother getting this game as a ROM or buying it on eBay, it's a bad FAKE game.

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